St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Advent Four, December 21st, 2014

Wet weather and the pre-Christmas hurtle make for about as seasonal a challenge as Southern Californians are likely to experience! Drive safely out there.

This coming Sunday sees our Annual Christmas Pageant at the 10am Liturgy, and Ms. Statdler and Mr. Seymour and many others have been hard at work! Come join the festivities!

Christmas Eve offers our usual 4:30pm Liturgy bent toward families with young children, and our not-so-late-as-once 9pm Festal Holy Eucharist. All just a week hence!

Venite Adoremus Dominum,

A few lovely pieces from Advent Lessons & Carols on YouTube:
Basque Carol
The Call of Wisdom
O Gracious Light

Parishioner Jeff Doba is acting in “A Little House Christmas” at the Sierra Madre Playhouse through December 23rd!

Advent Class 9am
Christmas Pageant 10am
Blessing of the Advent Wreath 8am and 10am
Abundance without attachment. (Thanks Natalia!)

Young parishioner Stella Edwards is making her debut!

The global politics of anti-gay persecution.

Torture denial and the moral “acid-test”.

The appointed Lessons to be used for Advent Four may be found HERE.

Read “The Lead” from Episcopal Café.

The recent edition of Episcopal News from the Diocese of L.A. may be found HERE, and articles from the national Episcopal News Service HERE.

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