St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


a Howl of the Edmund Wolf for Initiative progress!

we have total restricted endowment commitments through the end of 2017 of $1,596,714
and total unrestricted gifts through the same date of $153, 475

Frank Arnall and Kathy Gross
Laureen Chang and Peter Brockett
Beverly Brown
JoAnne and Lew Coppersmith
Nancy and Robert Dini
Liz and Jeff Dixon
Jeane Edwards
Sara Edwards
Carrie and Dave Ford
Veronica and José Guerrero
Karen and Michael Harrigian
Michelle and Ron Harrington
Linda and Don Harris
Susan and Bruce Heard
The Reverend Canon Judith A. Heffron+
Marguerite and Hal Hennacy
Anne and Robert Herold
Suzanne and Jim Holder
Amy Hulick
Mike Mathis
Diane and Ed McCracken
Carlene and John Miller
Victoria and Alfred Mordecai
Eli and Jeff Moreton
Johanne and Bob Mueller
Shawna and James Phelan
Teri and Byron Pollitt
Julie and John Quinn
Gail and Stephen Rolfe
Nan Schow
Dr. Kimberly Schugart
Carolyn and George Seitz
Janet and Emmons Sebenius
Sylvia and the Reverend Canon Colville Smythe+
Shannon and Kevin Snaer
Debra and Brian Spaulding
Millie and Alan Steinbrecher
Sylvia and Mark Stuart
Patty Tsai and Brad Thurlow
Dr. Sterling Trenberth and Fernando Ureña
Sheree and Brian Tyler
Linan and Bill Ukropina
Carolyn and Robert Volk
The Reverend Canon George F. Woodward III+
Deborah and Robert Wycoff