St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Deacon: The Reverend Anthony Keller


Deacon Anthony Keller came to St. Edmund’s in March of 2022 after serving at George’s, La Cañada for 13 years as Deacon and Parish Administrator.  Earlier in life, Anthony spent many years working in Theatre, and Music which has interwoven itself into ways in which Dcn. Anthony tries to engage the spiritual with the world. Deacon Keller enjoys helping people connect their spiritual gifts through our Baptismal Covenant. Our deacon is quite active on social media using video as a tool to reach the scattered. Once a month he produces an episode on YouTube entitled, That Deacon On YouTube, and each week he encourages people to take explore Contemplative Spirituality creating a YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Website entitled The Flow. If you wish to know more visit The Flow website: